The Story, Chapter 16: spread your lives before God

One thing King Hezekiah did, when confronted with the might of the Assyrian army, was to take the letter with their demands and spread it before the Lord. Likewise, as I said Sunday, we are to bring our lives, and spread them before the Lord. In other words, all of my life is to be lived under God’s sovereignty: there are no parts of my life that I get to keep back from surrendering to God.

Brigid E. Herman (Creative Prayer, p. 28) captures this thought like this:

When we read the lives of the saints, we are struck by a certain large leisure which went hand in hand with a remarkable effectiveness.

They never hurried;
They did comparatively few things,
And these not necessarily striking or important;
And they troubled very little about their influence.

Yet they always seemed to hit the mark;
Every bit of their life told;
Their simplest actions had a distinction,
An exquisiteness which suggested the artist.

The reason is not far to seek.
Their sainthood lay in their habit of referring the smallest actions to God.

They lived in God; they acted from a pure motive of love towards God.

They were as free from self-regard as from slavery to the good opinions of others. God saw and God rewarded: What else needed they? They possessed God and possessed themselves in God.

Hence the inalienable dignity of these meek, quiet figures that seem to produce such marvelous effects with such humble materials.

These words have always been a challenge to me… Do I do the same? Do we do the same? What do you think?

Blessings this week!
Pastor Gregg

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